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Health Geographics was established by ADS to link the health component of the Elaborate database with an online dashboard and Esri maps, to develop a new business focussing on health and welfare services, our fastest growing industry group, which has generated one in three Australian jobs in the last decade.

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2022 Federal Election Top Income Quartile Map

2022 Federal Election Top Income Quartile Map

If you want to know which federal seats are most likely to swing strongly to the Teal candidates at the Federal election on May 21, check out the 🔗Map below. The map shows  the percentage of top income quartile persons in 2022 Federal seats in darker shades of teal and is modelled by ADS from

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health-geographics-sc May 01 ,2022
Australia votes on Saturday 21, 2022 and commented by John Black, former Labor Senator and Chief Executive of Australian Development Strategies

Federal Election Profiles 2022

1 Day to Go – Election Profiles 2022 Friday 20th May,2022 Coalition Closing Gap On Labor by John Black – AFR – Editorial and Opinion  To Read click link 🔗 Financial Review, Friday, May 20, 2022, pages from 39 to 39.pdf Image: AFR : https://www.afr.com 2 Days to Go – Election Profiles 2022 Due to

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health-geographics-sc April 22 ,2022
It's time to value our Family Doctors

It’s Time To Value Our Family Doctors

  Politicians have an Independent Remuneration Tribunal to set their salary at a fair level.  Medicare has used a variety of inflation indices over the years but none of them reflect the costs of delivering affordable, quality and safe medical care. I didn’t appreciate just how underfunded Medicare Rebates for GP consultations were until I

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health-geographics-sc April 18 ,2022

What Our Clients Say

Billanook College has worked with John Black and the Education Geographics team for many years now and this partnership has been critical to underpinning the Strategic Planning that we have conducted as a school. Their focus on providing quantitative information, supported by broad industry knowledge, has formed an essential part of our decision making and I would highly recommend their work to my colleagues.

Roger Oates

( Principal - Billanook College )

ADS demographic profiling has helped us focus marketing initiatives in areas where we could make the biggest enrolment gains. ADS also coordinated a follow up phone survey which was valuable in a number of ways. It led to several parents contacting the College for more information, assisted the College to better understand the thinking behind the decision making of parents in the local area and provided a new perspective on current and future bus routes. I would recommend the process to any school looking for new insights into how to gain enrolments.

Steve Croft

( Retired Head of College - Springfield Anglican College )

John Black, through ADS and Education Geographics has assisted our strategic marketing, enrolment targeting, bus routes and aided in a deeper understanding of our current parent demographics and the overall demographics of our drawing area. This has been done via data sets, presented as interactive maps and easy to understand visual information. The interactive maps and visual information comes with easy to understand instructions and most importantly, accurate analysis.

The Knox School

Allan Shaw

( Retired Principal and Chief Executive - The Knox School )

These new on line reports and the format they are presented on are fantastic. There is a lot of rich data there that would have gathered dust in the hard copy of the report, but the interactivity of the site is much more conducive to digesting the material. One key to making this useful is your interpretation and descriptions for the items like Stereotypes, Demographics, etc. Thanks for taking us on as a demonstration school. I hope you benefit from it as much as we are.


Stephen Cooke

( Former Business Manager - St Andrews Lutheran College )

Our College has used the services of John Black (ADS) for many years now, and reliable statistics with great interpretation has given our Board and Executive greater confidence about the marketplace than we could possibly have otherwise. Every school should be watching its market and demographics closely, and in this field, the work of John Black (ADS) is outstanding.

Pastor Ron Woolley

( Retired Headmaster - Citipointe Christian College )

As a result of the work we have done with ADS and Business Geographics, our approach to future enrolment recruitment has become far more strategic, focussed and efficient. In particular, the geo-coding of enrolments has enabled us to recalibrate our bus runs… so as to maximise service to families with enrolled students in 2015. Really useful data.


Geoff McLay

( Principal - West Moreton Anglican College )

Clients - Past and Present

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